• Image of Rubberbanditz Resistance Band Set


Bands are used in MAPS White & MAPS Red so having a good set of bands is a great investment.

Yes, you can buy inexpensive bands on Amazon, but after having enough of them break it make sense to buy bands that will last for years. (Not to mention it can be dangerous when they snap).

We are offering Rubberbanditz bands because they are made with a continuous layering process to prevent breakage. If you take good care of them (don't leave them in the sun, don’t stretch them more than 2.5 times their original length, and don’t let them come in contact with rough surfaces (i.e. asphalt, sharp posts, children with scissors)) they should last a lifetime.

Each band can stretch up to 2 1/2 times the original length, creating a wide range of tension levels and more than one band can be used at once to increase tension.

Here's what is included...

two (2) Soft Hand Grips
two (2) Carabiners
one (1) Door Strap
one (1) Travel Bag
one (1) Exercise Manual
one (1) Rubberbanditz DVD
one (1) Light Band
one (1) Medium Band
one (1) Heavy Band
Resistance Info:

Light Band: 5 - 15 pounds

Medium Band: 20 - 35 pounds

Heavy Band: 30 - 50 pounds